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A Place of Life… Artfully Created

A curious mixture of local charm and urban hubbub pervades the historic neighborhood of Paristown. Established in 1854 along Beargrass Creek, Paristown is a jumble of workplaces, residences and local businesses with both a fascinating past and a bright future. We envision  design, art, craft, agriculture and education within the cultural heritage of our home, Louisville, Kentucky. We value the quality of life created through a common sense of community that offers places to live, work, learn, relax, grow…and have fun!

Consisting of approximately 50 acres, Paristown is an ideal location surrounded by tightknit communities such as Germantown, Smoketown, Phoenix Hill and the Highlands and is within blocks of downtown Louisville. This gritty neighborhood is somewhat hidden and creates a sense of discovery upon arrival. The near-urban neighborhood is accessible by public transit routes that run along Broadway, Barret Avenue and Logan Street immediately surrounding the neighborhood. The area consists of historic warehouse buildings, small single-family residential lots, light industrial buildings and a working railroad trestle with remarkable character.

Communities truly thrive with healthy infusions of culture and education. These things broaden our scopes. Stretch our minds. They connect us to each other. At Paristown, we believe arts education sustains a rich and vibrant culture that nourishes our community and builds innovative thinkers who will become our next generation of leaders in government, business and nonprofts.  future, they will need to have experiences as musicians and dancers, painters and sculptors, poets  short, they will need to be creative thinkers who will build and sustain our future.

Paristown welcomes our neighbors from around the world to come and enjoy our uniquely soul. Our hope is that together, we can have a positive impact on economic development, education and quality   enjoy our history and celebrate the future of our community.